Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PWC112 - Glitter Challenge and Prettie Blog Hop

Hey Prettie peeps!

It's Wednesday and you all know what that means...
Prettie Wednesday Challenge! Woo hoo!!

Heather (our new Prettie Mama) has a glitter challenge for us all!
It's really simple! Just put glitter on your card or your project!
I know you all have glitter stashed away somewhere.
Let's see you jazz up your projects with a little shimmer!

Here's my card.

Yes... you have seen this before. I altered it a bit with new SU ribbon and shimmer from atyou Spica.
Let me explain. I wanted to create a completely brand new card this week for this challenge but I have spent most of the last two days at the Cat Hospital. I came home from my bowling tournament up in Reno over the weekend to find my sweet fur baby, Mia, with a severe limp. Upon further investigation, I found three hard lumps on her belly... similiar to the ones that were removed a year ago. Our visit to the Cat Hospital proved to be difficult. The head doctor found a lemon sized tumor just by her stomach. Today's x-rays show that her chest is clear.  My heart aches since I know that Mia's time with us is very limited at this point. She is 15 years old. My other cat lived to be almost 20 yrs old. I don't think Mia will make it that far.

For those of you who have not "met" Mia, here's a picture I took of her yesterday.

Please keep her in your prayers. Mia will be going in for surgery on Monday.

Next stop...

Just in case, here's the order of the Pretties Blog Hop:

Jane ~ You are here! :)