Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday's Fun Day!

Oh my! This Monday has almost come and gone! lol!
Did you get your taxes done? Mine are just about done! Hooray! A few signatures and all we have to do is turn the paperwork in.

So it's another round of Monday's Fun Day!

Did you miss out on getting this beautiful set?


What you have to do is take a look at how many comments have been posted so far because you will theoretically be the next number. Be sure to type that number in first before typing in anything else in the comment box so that you don't forget! Please try not to post more than once. :)
Then tell me about your best friend or someone who makes your heart happy, other than your partner.
Here I am giving away this set called "Friendship Blooms" and I have one of my favorite songs playing "You've Got A Friend". Now I want to know about you.
I realized that as I have been reading everyone's posts, I know many of you through blogs I visit or message boards that I hang out at or used to be on. It would be fun to learn something new about you that ties in with this stamp set that I am giving away.

I will use a number generator or a number picker (one of my boys) and post a winner on Friday, 2pm PST.

What?! Just one stamp set as a giveaway? I wouldn't do that to you. lol! My blog candy has a special twist. You get little extra treats with the stamp set. You just have to wait and see what else you get!

Happy Monday!