Friday, January 23, 2009

CHA Winter... here I come!

Well everyone, I'm finally done packing up and getting a few bites to eat with my boys before heading out the door to catch my plane.

I just wanted to apologize for not posting much these past couple of weeks.
It has been a bit insane in the Matsumoto home. Things should (in theory) start to settle down once February comes. Oh... but then Keiji turns 4 on the 10th and Valentine's is on the 14th. Then Ken turns 6 on March 13th. :)

I will have lots to share when I return!

Can I share a few pictures of the boys in the meantime?

We have rock band sessions after school at Club Matsumoto.
Here is Marcia on drums, Keiji on bass, and Ken on the mic.
They are rockin' it out to Roxanne, by the Police.

Kidz Rock!




See you when I get back!