Sunday, June 21, 2009

100 followers! 100 birthday cards!

Before I get started this week, I just wanted to thank those who emailed me wondering if I was okay. I'm fine. My father was rushed by ambulance to the ER last week with what they thought was a stroke. He had a liver transplant over 3 years ago and his liver is now having some problems. Toxins seeped into his brain, which caused stroke-like symptoms to appear. He is doing much better now. I did take a week off without notice from here and I'm very sorry the blog was neglected.

Whoa! I just looked over and noticed that I have over 100 followers on my blog. I just thought that was pretty neat, considering what I am about to post next.

Just on a side note, I wanted to mention something that's been on my mind. I've been posting blog candy links and noticed an increasing amount of "must become a follower" rule in order to qualify for a giveaway. That kinda bothers me a little. I am posting some of them because they are unique. Just to clarify... you don't HAVE to follow my blog in order to qualify for my giveaways. EVER. My birthday giveaway is a little bigger than my normal ones so I wanted a way for everyone to get more entries. This was just one option. That's all.

I was asked by one of my readers if I would be interested in helping her friend's grandmother celebrate her 100th birthday by sending in a birthday card. Amy and Karen are trying to get 100 birthday cards together to give to Beatrice in September. I thought I would do better than send in just one card. I have a few followers... perhaps a few of you might join in on the fun?

Here's the card I whipped up for the Beatrice:


I used Copic markers to color my Floral Fantasy Cuttlebug embossing folder. I will post the tutorial on how I did this on my next post. I thought I would link the tutorial to the store's new blog but it's not ready to go yet. You'll just have to wait until July! :)

Now here's what Amy wrote to me:

Centenarian Card Drive For Bea : Goal is 100 cards

My girlfriend's grandma will be turning 100 years old this September 2009. "Beatrice" or "Bea" is what grandma goes by. One day she was telling my girlfriend (Karen) that, "I think I just might make it." When my girlfriend was telling me this, I had mixed feelings. On one hand it was kinda weird just the way grandma Bea put it. It seemed like she thought her end was near. But know that grandma Bea is healthy and going strong, which is why we think for sure she's going to make. Not many of us live to be 100, so of course we wanted to do something special. I came up with the idea of a card drive, hoping to get 100 cards. Just think of the reaction she would have when she sees so many different cards from so many people all wishing her a 'Happy Big 100!' Big WOW factor.

Karen's dad is writing to the Queen or I guess I should say write to her office. He found out that if any Canadian citizen turns the big 100, they get a letter/card signed by Queen Elizabeth herself. Another WOW factor. There's going to be a big celebration for sure and we just want to do our little part in giving grandma Bea some lasting memories of her big day.

I will be collecting the cards from now till September and then package them all up for the big party. We decided on this so Karen's mailbox doesn't get bombarded with mail and so the card drive can stay hush hush. No one knows except Karen and I. It'll be a surprise for everyone. It'll be great. Please if possible include a personal hand-written birthday message in the card. I'm sure Bea would love to read your special message. THANKS SO MUCH.

Take a look through your stash of cards! Are there any birthday cards from swaps that you can spare? Any CAS cards that you can whip up? How about an extra special card just for Beatrice from you? Whatever you want to do would be awesome! Please join me in celebrating this milestone birthday.

My great-uncle Harry just celebrated his 102nd birthday this past December. It means SO much to these Centenarians.

You have a choice to mail directly to Amy in Canada or mail to me here in the U.S.

Either way, email me at for an address.

I will be collecting all cards for Amy and sending one envelope at the end of August.

Deadline: end of August to me / beginning of September to Amy