Thursday, April 03, 2008

Scrappy Themed Thursday AND Monday's Fun Day Winner!

How about "Scrappy Themed Thursday"? Too silly?
I still want to get some scrapbooking done.
Come on, ladies! Help me out here! lol!

Here's the theme for this Thursday.


Ever need to feel like you need to re-group or re-connect?
I think that's why I have this sudden urge to have to scrapbook my family.

I'll go work on it later this afternoon after we have had the playdate with Ken's sweet friend, Kimo, and I have dropped my boys off at my in-laws.

For now, here's a favorite family layout I hand stamped last year.
It was for a challenge where you had to make your own background paper.


Now go scrapbook your family and link back to here.
I will use a number generator to pick a number and send off a small scrapbooking treat to someone who posts with their layout linked back to their blog, onsite gallery, or online photo site.

Happy Scrappin'!

Now for Monday's Fun Day Winner...

Drum roll please...

Engineered Expressions

Here's a funny story for everyone.
My Hostess of the month for March was also a "Cheryl". Her name was drawn by the previous hostess (February). One of the ladies in the club wanted to know how the hostess was picked, so I showed her how we had just picked Cheryl's name (the piece of paper) and I folded it back up and tossed it back into the bowl without thinking about it. I mixed the folded pieces of paper up (7 in there) and had her choose one. Amazingly enough, she picked Cheryl's name. So apparently, Cheryl was meant to be our Hostess of the month.

So for Monday's Fun Day winner, I went to a random number picker online and it picked #33. The boys were running around and I had to settle them down so I asked my 5 year old what number he would choose between 1 and 33, thinking he would say "5" since that is his "FAVORITE" number (lol). He put a lot of thought into it and said "33". So, Cheryl, you are meant to be our first Monday's Fun Day winner! Speaking of scrapbooking, what a fantastic scrappy blog!

Send me your mailing address to and I will get your stamp set and some additional goodies out to you in tomorrow's mail.