Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday's Fun Day

Did you have a good day?

I am faced with several deadlines and am feeling a bit overwhelmed right now.
How did the end of April creep up on me like this?

Do you ever feel like there is never enough hours in the day?

I am about to go get the boys ready for bed, even though it's only 7p. They have had a long day and have started to wind down. I would love nothing more than to curl up under the covers with one of them and hide from the world! lol!

Okay... I feel a little better now that I got that off my chest!
On to the fun stuff!

Who missed out on this beautiful set of rub-ons ?

Love & Happiness

You are probably wondering what you need to do to get in on the rub-ons! lol!
What you have to do is post a few words that come to mind when you think "Love & Happiness."

Me: Snuggles and kisses from my little ones and my wedding day.

I will use a number generator or a number picker (one of my boys) and post a winner on Friday, 3pm PST.

What?! Just one stamp set as a giveaway? I wouldn't do that to you. lol! My blog candy has a special twist. You get little extra treats with the stamp set. You just have to wait and see what else you get!

Check back in tomorrow for a Try This! Tuesday Techniques tutorial on the Stamp-a-ma-jig!