Saturday, February 02, 2008

Serendipity Bake Off!

Hosted by Familia Bencomo
Contest rules can be viewed on the Familia Bencomo blog.
Now for the PRIZE!
Let me tell you something... nothing has ever worked for these chapped and cracked craftin' fingers of mine during the cold winter months except for Serendipity Bath Co. products. Seriously! When I had shingles on my face, it was this company's Whoopsie Daisy! soap that got me through one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life! By the way, it is just sheer coincidence that my blog/online name is the same as one of my favorite products ever. Serendipity! lol! OMG! The Sugar Scrub alone is to die for! I use it practically every day! Really! Don't even get me started about my favorite scent, Brazenberry. Heavenly! You simply can not go wrong with these natural, handcrafted, made with love, bars of soap and products!
Please go over to Amy's blog, leave a comment, and give the Bake Off a try!
Be sure to visit the Soapchix at Serendipity Bath Company! Tell them I sent you!


Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks, Jane! I know you LOVE the products b/c you always order when I order & verse versa. I hope you submit something too. The Soap Chix have a blog too: These 2 are the cutest, wittiest & sweet smell'n girls. I'm so happy they come up with a great & generous prize for the Bake Off.

Love ya, Jane, moi!