Saturday, February 02, 2008

Flu season

We are all sick in the Matsumoto home.

Whatever I have is terrible. I don't know how the boys managed the past few days without complaining any more than they did. They were so good for me! A few tears and tantrums but nothing out of the ordinary. Keiji was very sick Wednesday night but we thought it was from either eating too much mango ice cream for his cousin's birthday or maybe a stomach virus. He was really out of it all day on Friday though... probably from not being able to keep anything down for a day and a half. Then Ken got sick Friday night and again tonight. I was having cold symptoms earlier but started feeling worse today. Now, I can tell you I'm pretty certain I have the flu. This really stinks. :(

Hostess club workshops for tomorrow are cancelled.
Monday hostess club workshops are still pending... as much as I want to push through this and hold the workshops, I don't want to get anyone else sick.

So ladies, I have alternative days for you.
Thursday 9:30a - 11:30a
Thursday 7p - 9p
Saturday 10a - noon
Saturday 7p - 9p

I hope this will work for all 14 of us. Yes! I believe we have a new member to our club!