Thursday, August 30, 2007

What happened to August?

I can not believe it's the end of August! And I didn't blog once during the entire month.
It's been a long month and I am really glad it's coming to an end.
I have been working on different projects, including a submission to Stampin' Up! I will start posting again this weekend, so keep checking back in.

Tomorrow will be a very long day for the Matsumoto family.
The Matsumoto siblings, husbands and wives, and children will all be flying out to Los Angeles for Grandma's funeral service at 2p. Kevin has been in Taiwan this week, so he will fly from SFO and meet up with us at LAX. His grandma (father's side) suffered a massive stroke on Thursday and passed away on Saturday. We are all very sad and will miss her. She was going to be 90 years old in November.

Preschool starts for Ken next week. I will start working with the 2 yr olds (Tot Time) on Wednesday. Keiji will be in my class. I am really excited and can't wait for my class to meet! I get the feeling Keiji will rule the roost with my being the teacher. lol!

I have to get dinner ready and the boys in a bath. It has been so hot and humid the past few days! With the boys in bed relatively early, I might be able to get some stamping done!
Just wait until I show you the "Teacher Appreciation" gift I am working on. It's a notebook made up of clasped envelopes, decorated with Cutie Pie DSP and pretty ribbon. And it comes with a matching beaded pen!

Inky hugs,