Saturday, March 29, 2008

Belated Bella Birthday Wishes!

Carolina's birthday was last weekend. It took us girls awhile to get together, but we managed to find a day to surprise her with a cake and a few presents.

Here's the cake.


Long story short, the person taking the order at the bakery stapled my carefully colored image to the receipt (gasp!). I ended up having to carefully trim around the staple marks, thus resulting in odd shaped borders all around the image on the cake. I know. It looks like I just cut and pasted the image directly onto the cake! lol! But the image was scanned onto edible paper. Ah well. The cake was yummy. :) It was one of Aki Bakery's Guava Delight cakes.

Happy belated birthday, Carolina.
Here's to many more, my dear friend.

love and hugs,