Friday, January 04, 2008

Rain, rain, go away...

We had a storm forecasted for today and the next three days, but I was not expecting the downpour and fierce winds. We heard a huge "boom" and this is what we saw when we looked outside the boys' bedroom window:


The fence that separates our yard and our neighbor's yard fell down. I haven't been able to go outside yet to see if the rest of the fence along the side of the house went with it.

At least those pesky squirrels that were making all kinds of noise on our roof are gone. (I hope they were squirrels and not rats. I don't care if it's the year of the Rat. They are not welcome in or on my home!)

Time to snuggle with my boys under the blankets and watch a good movie. Ratatouille, anyone?
:) Jane