Friday, April 18, 2008

A few pictures to share and a new Monday's Fun Day winner!

Happy Friday, everyone!

I have to apologize for the lack of posts the past couple of weeks.
My migraines are back full force and I have been unable to do very much, other than take care of my boys and do my best to keep the home from looking like a tornado went through it everyday. I think it's time to up the doseage on the Topamax, but I am so worried about the severity of the side effects that I am really hesitant on doing so. If anyone has had any experience with this medication and has been taking it for more than 6 months, please email me!

My oldest proposed to one of my dearest friend's daughter a week ago.
He had warned me that he was going to ask, but I didn't think he would do it. He's only 5! lol! Well, he did and here is the happy couple...


His reasoning for this was that they will not be going to the same Kindergarten in the Fall, and he loves her and will miss her very much. I asked him why he wanted to ask her and not any of the other girls and he said that she's pretty, she likes to play together with him, and he loves her family. Now how can I argue with that? lol!

Here he is playing soccer. It was his first day of soccer and it was just him and five girls.


I did craft a little.
You will be seeing me use this onesie template a lot in the next couple of months.
My friend, Denise, is getting ready to have twins in a month or two.
Here's a card I made for her:


Please visit Lauren's My Time, My Creation, My Stampendence blog for her Onesie Tutorial.

I'm working on another onesie card for another friend, Tia, who is due next week and two more who are due next month. I just can not wait for August when Kari and Shawn are due with their daughter... my niece! A new baby to cuddle!

Now for Monday's Fun Day winner!
A random number picker selected lucky # 27!

Here's the list I have:

1. Pam's Pride
2. Kathy H.
3. Christine
4. Skye
5. jenmarie
6. sandyh50
7. Kathyd
8. Laurel
9. julie a
10. Carolina
11. Allison
12. Fay
13. Debra E.
14. Patty W.
15. jmniffer
16. Linda SS
17. bunny b
18. Ashli
19. tams
20. Amy
21. Rose
22. Gina
23. kim3timemom
24. Catdidit
25. Lea
26. Sara
27. Joanne
28. Kathy B.
29. Veronica
30. Carla
31. Jenn

Congratulations # 27! Woo hoo! Joanne!! Email me!

Everyone else... check back in next week for another round of Monday's Fun Day!
I will also be back with a tutorial on how to use that Stamp-ma-jig!