Saturday, January 05, 2008

Days gone by

I started custom scrapbooking for others last year and just finished up my 9th album right before Christmas. Strangely enough, all of the albums I have done are for people who have recently lost a loved one. It gives me a sense of purpose and satisfaction in working with these layouts, knowing how much these albums will be treasured by their new owners.

Here are a few pages from my latest album. I received the pictures and the supplies a couple of weeks before the deadline, but the boys and I were sick for about a good week before I could get started. I had about 5 days to complete this album before having to hand it over. It was a challenge because I had to scrap using specific K & CO paper that was out of stock and no longer being carried at local scrapbook stores or Michael's. My client also wanted elegant and "wallpaper" style layouts... something I am not used to. It was quite an interesting week to say the least. I am pleased with the way the album came together. The finished pages can be viewed on the slideshow that is at the bottom of this blog. I hope you enjoy the layouts! Let me know what you think.







Helen said...

Wow! Your scrapbook pages are gorgeous!

Lorie said...

While it is definitely not my style I think the layouts are great and it all fits together so well! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Jane, your versatility amazes me, even though this isn't your stype per say, you pulled off the customers specification and IMHO excited it...just lovely!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful Jane!! :) Your client should be very impressed and happy with your work!! I love it!!

Deborah W said...

Hi Jane, love your scrapbooking style! Do you have a website for your scrapbooking-for-others business? Deborah/Webajeb Digital Photo Albums & Portfolios

Anonymous said...

Love it, honey! You always inspire me. xoxox

StinkerbellSteph said...

I'm so happy to see these in person after hearing about it and seeing how you were laying it out. You're so good at dividing up the job & tackling it w/o freaking out. That sort of deadline would've killed my creativity but, you made it work to push your inspiration and made this a WOW!