Thursday, March 03, 2011

*NEW* Forest Animals Digi Release, ISO Guest Designers, Copic demo, and 600th post giveaway!

Hi! I hope that you are doing well!
I have been fighting a sinus and ear infection.
My youngest has had a high fever and sinus/chest congestion.
But together, we have been trying to "roll with the punches".
It's funny how things keep coming at you when you are down, but it's all good in the end.
Keiji has this funny habit of skidding across the wooden floor and falling hard when running through the dining area. He always pops up quickly and (with both hands up in the air) says "I'm okay... I'm okay!"  Well, it's been a trying year, but I'm doing okay. I know... it's kind of cryptic but I can't share too much right now. You'll all find out soon enough. I hope. In the meantime, I'm doing okay. :)

Anyways, this is my 600th post.
I know! Crazy, right?!
So in honor of this, I'm going to give away a few things.

In a nut shell...
 SEI Chiplets (Mimosa)
Amuse 10 Square Notecards and Envelopes
K&Co Life's Journey sports charms
Doodlebug Crushed Red Velvet Flock
Prima "Artful Collage" flowers
SU Twill Tape ribbon
SU Original Alpine felt ribbon
Stamped images of Tilda and Edwin on Xpress It Blending Cardstock
Handmade treat holder
If you help spread the word and I get more than 25 entries,
then I will throw in a Copic marker of your choice
(Copic/Sketch colors must be available at Memories Live On).
If I get 50 entries, I will give you two Copic markers.
If I get 300 followers, then I will add a third color to your prize!
So spread the word!

Photo will be posted soon!

Simply leave me a comment... preferably a nice one.
It could be about the Copic demo featured below or about my commentary up above. How about something to do with Pink Cat Studio looking for guest designers... or the new super cute Forest Animals digi release? You have to know what I've posted about, so be sure to read the entire post. 
ALL of it. 
It's long. I know. 
Just read what applies and scroll through the rest. :)

I'll randomly pick a number using a random number picker Wednesday, March 9th and post it on Thursday, March 10th with the new St. Patrick's release from Pink Cat Studio.

Did I say Guest Designer? 
I did!

Melissa at Pink Cat Studio is looking for 2 guest designers for her St. Patrick's digi release on March 10th. I can tell you right now it's downright adorable. But then again, all of the Pink Cat Studio releases are too cute for words. Hmmm... perhaps I'm a wee bit biased. Naw! Just a HUGE fan. :) You can find more info about the GDT spot HERE. By the way, if you are in need of a push, you have until 9pm EST tonight. That's right. Go find or make a card using any PCS image (rubber/digi) and post the link HERE right away. Don't even think about it. Just do it.

Now for the *NEW* Forest Animals digi release 
from Pink Cat Studio!

These digis are now in the PCS store and there is a great deal on a Value Pack if you want to buy the whole set. If you make a purchase in the digi store today you will receive the "Tree Stump" and "Chimney" digi stamps for free! The critters look really cute if you cut them out and sit them on the tree stump or the chimney!
I didn't put a card together for this week but I did put a mini Copic demo together for you. Quite a few requests have come in for visuals of how I color with Copics. I really wanted to do a video of my coloring in the image but I can not find the charger for my Flip. Instead, I have taken a few pics showing the different steps I take to color with my Copics. Next time, I'll show a video. Okay?
I chose the sitting racoon as my image.
Isn't he cute? The racoons come as a pair HERE
Copic Demonstration by Izumi 

You want to know who Izumi is? 
That would be me. :)
Most of you who are on FB would know that by now.
If you didn't, then you will have to get used to it.
I'm just tired of being plain Jane... is all.

note: Image was stamped on Xpress It Blending Cardstock
It is the BEST paper for Copics. 

Step 1
I colored the entire image with W3.
Nothing fancy. 
Just some straight forward quick coloring in small circles.

 Step 2
I decide where my light is coming in from 
(See pointer in upper left hand corner).
I use the same W3 to color in where I want to see some shading.

Step 3
I want the areas around his eyes and on his tail to be darker.
I select N4 to start with.
I use N4 a second time to add in the shading.

Step 4
I use W5 to add darker shading.

Step 5
I use N6 to add darker shading to the eyes and tail.

Step 6
W7 is added to deepen the shading.

 Step 7
N8 is added to deepen the shading around the eyes and on the tail.

Step 8
W3 and N4 is used to blend the layers.
Once again, it's simple and quick small circles.
I went over the lines a few times to get them to soften up.

Step 9
I had lost some of the shading so I go back to my W5.
I gently add soft shading by "flicking" so that it blends easily.

Step 10
I do the same with my N4 to the areas around the eyes and on the tail.
I want to cool down the areas under his neck and in the crook of the tail so I add N4 to those areas as well. Also to the area under his bottom and underneath the tail.

Step 11
Can't forget his ears and nose...  need some color!
I use RV42 to add pink to his ears and nose.

Step 12 
The pink is a bit too pinkish so I tone it down a bit with W1.

SO... what do you think?
I'll be posting pictures of my Copic Samples that I made for my classes at Memories Live On tomorrow so be sure to come back. I will also be posting a picture of the giveaway so check back for that too.
Remember to leave some love and you will have a chance at winning that prize I posted up above.

Bye for now!


Rosalee said...

Adorable Forest Animal Digi's Jane. Love them. Thanks so much for the tutorial on coloring with copics. I just got my first ones a couple months back and it will take some time to get to be professional at coloring with them, so when it comes to tutorials I'm all ears (or should I say eyes) on different coloring techniques. Your work is fabulous I have a couple of thing to learn from you.
Hugs, Rosalee

Lisa said...

Thanks for your copic demonstration... you make it look so easy and beautiful. I will have to try it one day! :) Hang in there... Big {{{HUGS}}}!!

Cheryl said...

Jane - 600 posts, WOW! What a milestone!

Thank you for the Copic tutorial. I have been using them less than a year and I like seeing how other people color things. I always learn something new.

These new PCS images are adorable. I am trying out for the GDT position and have my fingers crossed. (Toes too!)

These new PCS digis are adorable!

Sorry for typing a book. Have a great day.

Melissa said...

Great demo Jane! The raccoon looks fantastic!!

Jana Weaver said...

Wow...600 posts already? That's amazing! I love your tutorial here..I never use w's and n's together...but I like this! Don't think I'll have time today to get a pcs card done...bummer. Maybe next time!
Get better...hugs!

Beate said...

Gorgeous card and copic demo, Izumi. I love that name.
I didn't know you went through a hard time. I am glad you see the light at the end of the tunnel.
{{{{{{{{{{{cyber hugs}}}}}}}}}}

Leah said...

I found your blog by accident a few months ago, and I have been a frequent visitor since. I enjoyed your Copic demonstration. I find Copic is too complicated although you make it sound so simple!! Any special paper you are using because they bleed? Thanks, and congratulations on the 600th post!!

Beth aka BR-T said...

Thank You for the great demo!!!

Amy Hayes said...

Miss you! You always rise above, so keep on truckin'. <3

Unknown said...

Love your coloring skills! Hope all us better for you soon. Gambatte!

The Mama Monkey said...

Wow, you sure are bossy! ROTFL!!! I read IT ALL...what to talk about, what to talk about...WELL, congrats on 600! And I do love that Mr. Leperchaun! With a name like mine, I better! :)

Thanks for the chance to win! Take care of yourself and those kids!

Michelle VanWiggeren said...

Congrats on the 600 posts!!! That's awesome! I'm looking forward to your next 600! :) Great Copic tutorial -- that little racoon is darling! Hope you and the boys are doing well.