Wednesday, December 08, 2010

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

I know... it's supposed to be "It's beginning to LOOK at a lot like Christmas" but here in my home, it's finally starting to FEEL like Christmas is coming. I spent yesterday looking for the perfect little tree to put by the fireplace. It took a half hour or so to actually decorate the tree but the process of looking for the darn ornaments and lights took about an hour. I am still missing a least a dozen ornaments.

But the children came home from school and were so excited to see the tree! Here's a picture of my youngest looking at his first baby ornament.

The Christmas cookies have been baked and decorated (thanks to Mima)!

I have started shopping for the small stuff and will probably finish the rest between tomorrow and Friday. Christmas cards might go out this year... or not. I have already received quite a few cards online. LOL! I might go digital this year. It's not the same but I'm quickly running out of time. Where did this year go?!

I am planning on taking the boys to see Santa on the 18th. I usually go the day after Thanksgiving but of course, that didn't happen this year. Hopefully I will be posting my annual pictures of the reindeer antlers up on the rooftop and Santa with the boys. Wish me luck!

Have you been naughty or nice? What's on your wishlist for Santa?


The Mama Monkey said...

I think I have been naughty! :) I am barely keeping up myself, girl. At least my 1000lb See's order arrived! LOL DH found his box and already broke into it. I trained him well!

Unknown said...

So nice tree! Love the ornaments :)

Michelle VanWiggeren said...

Love the photos! Your tree looks beautiful, can see why the boys were excited. And, the cookies look yummy, too!

Anonymous said...

Your tree looks beautiful Jane! And I love the photo of your son peeking through the branches at the ornaments. And those cookies look yummy - very festive!

I hope the boys enjoyed their visit to Santa yesterday!

Take care my friend, and I look forward to seeing your beautiful work in 2011 x