Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chi Chi Memories 4th of July - Up Up and AWAY!

Hi everyone!
How's the weather?
We've been SUNNY for a few days now.
Too sunny apparently.
I took the boys to the pool yesterday and I slathered sunscreen on them and on me BUT I forgot to do my back. Oh, yes... it's bad. Really bad. On the flip side, it's taken my mind off of the pain on my back and head from taking a tumble in the shower on Saturday night. I've got bruises up and down my arms, legs, and back. :(

So enough about me! Let's catch up on things over at Chi Chi Memories!

Interested in a little name game?

Take a look at my card for this week:

See that cute little bear?
He needs a name!
Personally, I like "Little" or "Little Bear" but you might have a better name for him!

Here's what Natalie has to say:

I haven't made up a name for this cute little bear, but let me tell you a little bit about this little guy. Little bear is a shy boy. He's always sitting around with his friends but never says a word or have too much of reaction of anything. Sometimes others thought he's just a doll sitting around. Although little bear doesn't show much of emotions on his face, he's always a happy boy. He loves adventures and loves his friends to bring him along when they travel.
So that's a little intro of little bear. I would love to give him a name but I'm very bad with name. So please help me out here? Suggest a name to me on the comment section HERE. I really hope he has a name. If not we'll have to just call him little bear.... which is pretty cute actually.. lol

Okie dokie!
If you have a name in mind for this little guy, hop on over to Chi Chi Memories.
Post your suggestion HERE!

Come back on Thursday for the next sketch challenge from Chi Chi Memories!