Sunday, November 29, 2009

Santa, Build A Bear, and HUGE birthday giveaways from Lisa

I have been so sick this weekend... I don't know how those of you who have chronic sinusitis manage! I have been miserable!! It's worse than a migraine. At least with a migraine, I know there's an end and I can find some sort of relief with my migraine medication. But this sinus infection is has got my number! My head feels like it's gonna explode! Bleh!

I know you all LOVE blog candies and I have a HUGE one to share with you, but before I do, I just wanted to share a few pictures of my boys... who are growing up way too fast. I just wanted to capture some of their "cuteness" before it grows away. :)

Well, we took the boys on our annual "Sunday after Thanksgiving" trip to the mall to see Santa. The boys were happy as clams to sit for an hour to wait for Santa. They even found the glitter that the elves left behind when they decorated Santa's house! Looking up to the skylights, they found the reindeer antlers in the window... Keiji said that they weren't moving because the reindeers were too tired from their trip from the North Pole and they were taking naps. Here are some pictures...

Do you see the antlers?

Then we surprised them with a trip to Build A Bear!
Keiji fell in love with "Froggie" and Ken wanted a bear that he named "Santa Claws".

Keiji kissing and wishing on "Froggie's" heart

Ken inspecting "Santa Claws"


Will you join me in wishing the talented and sweet LISA HJULBERG a very happy birthday?

Lisa is one of our design team members for La-La Land Crafts and I am so blessed to know her. She is just an amazing person, inside and out. Lisa is giving away not one... not two... not three... but FIVE prize packages for her birthday. That's right... one for every decade. Now wait a minute! I didn't say that! LOL! It's from Lisa! Here's what she has to say:

Yep, it's the Big 5-0 for yours truly. Rather than be depressed, I'm focusing on my many blessings...and paying it forward!

I thought about offering one big huge prize, but I always wish everyone could win. Since that isn't possible (at least not until I win the lottery), I'm dividing up the candy into FIVE prize packages... one for every decade of my life so far.

So hop on over to The Craft's Meow and find out what you need to do to join in on the birthday celebration! Don't forget to wish Lisa a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Hey Lisa, I have been in bed for most of the weekend and have not been able to make a birthday card for you. I will get to it later tonight! I love you, girl! Happy, happy, HAPPY birthday, my friend.


Donna C. said...

I used to have trouble constantly until I learned about Neti Pot. I prefer the Neil Med one from Walmart. Have not have a sinus infection in 3 years and used to have 4-6 per year. Same results for my BIL. No more sinus issues and it is actually addicting after you get past the learning curve. They also say it is a great way to prevent swine flu and other flus because they multiple in your sinus passages and that is how you get sick.

Terry Oulboub said...

Jane you poor dear - I have allergy problems but yours sound worse than mine - I feel for you. You're right, it's never an end to it. Mine usually starts now and by January, I get laryngitis which lasts for a month...but I am working hard to ward it off this year (again). Build-a-bear looked fun and I love teddy bears. Your boys look like they had a blast; how fun is that? I definitely want to wish Lisa a very happy birthday because I'm a year older and she's got it right-focus on your blessings!! Age is just a number, honey! :) I hope you feel better - do take care. ;D

Jana Weaver said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well Sweetie...hope you're on the mend!! LOVE the photos of the boys and BAB fun, looks like you had a wonderful day today!! We're off to visit Santa tomorrow. :-D


Irina Blount said...

Great photos of the boys, they sure look like they were having tons of FUN!! Made me smile reading about their day at the mall, especially after you told me about it beforehand :-).
Really hope you get better soon.. (((HUGS)))

Michelle VanWiggeren said...

I somehow missed this post til now! Glad you are feeling better now. Love the photos of the boys with Santa and at Build a Bear -- looks like they had a great time.

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Thank you so much my friend! I know I've been terrible about getting around to visit blogs... I mostly depend on my Reader these days. Seems like time is flying by so quickly. But I'm always looking and ALWAYS loving your beautiful creations. You're the BEST!

Hugs and love,