Friday, July 17, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer & a Limited Copics Challenge

The lazy days of summer has caught up with me! I have spent most of them at a local pool (Rancho Rinconada) with the boys. They recently took swim lessons there and we have fallen in love with the place. They even have Kids Night Out on Friday nights for $5 per child from 6p - 9p! I get to go hang out at the mall or go over to a friend's house while the boys get to play. So the big news is that I am going to be taking swim lessons with the boys starting Monday. Nope, I don't know how to swim. Scared of the water really... well up until this week. I managed to get in all the way up to my chin so that I don't freak out (hopefully) on Monday. Wish me luck! LOL! At least the teachers are all lifeguards so if I happen to get myself into trouble, I'm sure I will be okay in the end. :)

Here are some pictures that I can share... more to come later:






Now for my "Limited Copics" Challenge over on the Crop Spot Blog...
This is a card I put together, using 5 Copic markers and the Blender.


How many of you have wanted to start using Copics but are a little intimidated by either the challenge of using them or the cost of the markers? How many of you have a whole bunch of markers but feel frustrated when trying to get them to coordinate together? How many have colors that you have received in a set that you don't ever use?

For more information, hop on over to:

The Crop Spot

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Moni said...

Seems like you have fun! Gorgeous pics! Hugs,Moni

Joni M said...

Good luck with those swimming lessons! It's a life skill that everyone should know. Good for you to undertake it now! I love all the photos and your card is adorable... but then all your cards are WONDERFUL! TFS!

gillyflower said...

sorry haven't been around for so long not been so good
just thought i would pop in and say hello
good luck with the swimming i used to hate it but before this depression took hold i was swimming 70 lengths of the pool really need to get back to it lacking in motivation at the moment but i'll get there. you keep at it such a good exercise
love the card too
gill x