Monday, March 30, 2009

A neat little Copic trick and last week's Monday's Fun Day Winner!

Whoopsie! In the excitement of getting the post for Unity up over the weekend, I completely forgot to get the Monday's Fun Day winner from last week posted!

I have a pair of awesome Thickers and a few other goodies from my own stash for one lucky winner.

Let's see...


Here you go!

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-03-31 23:43:40 UTC

That's would be:

L. Ann said...
I loved the card you made for your son's teacher. The pop up was especially cute.


Email me at: and I will get this package out to you in Thursday's mail. you want to see something neat?

I was coloring with my Copics directly onto my stamps the other night and using the Colorless Blender Marker on the paper to help release the ink from the stamp, instead of "spritzing" the stamp with blending solution(which is normally what I do). Then it dawned me... what would happen if I colored my paper and used the Colorless Blender Marker on my stamp and stamped into the colored area?

Would the image be as clear?

Here's what happened...



Pretty neat, eh?

LOL! I know... I am SO easily amused!

I'll be back again soon. Right now, I am tending to a very miserable little 6 year old. Ken is severely allergic to the environment right now and there's nothing I can do for him until we get him to the Allergy and Asthma Center tomorrow for testing. Until then, he has to be off all medication and anything with antihistamine. Yesterday, I had to pick him up from school early and when I got there, his left eye was so swollen that it was nearly closed. Poor little guy. Amazingly, he still wanted to go to school today... still has 100% attendance for the school year! He was okay today since the teacher kept him indoors during recess. Still... a mother's worry never ends! *sigh*


Elaine said...

That's a really cool trick! Thanks for sharing! I'm sorry for your little one! My brothers both had/have allergies really bad - one of them has eyes that swell shut, the other sneezes so many times he can't catch his breath! They are miserable this time of year. I hope your guy is better soon!! Hugs,

Joni M said...

It's bad allergy weather... Cheryl, Chris and I are all under the weather with allergies! YUCK! I love the copic marker technique! TFS!

Kerry said...

Thanks so much for sharing the super cool trick! I hope your little guy is feeling better.

Maylee said...

Totally understand what you're going through Jane! I sure hope your little one will be better soon. Hugs for Ken!

Shirley said...

How clever and so creative too, Jane! I hope it's okay. I am following you and you are welcome to follow me too if you like! Thank you for all of your information. I am going to be back to read more.

Anthonette said...

Cool Copic trick, Jane!

Sorry to hear Ken is so miserable. Kalino also suffers from allergies...sneezing and itchy eyes are his main symptoms. He uses prescription Flonase at night and Claritin or Zyrtec each morning.

Linda said...

Oh no ~ I hope your Ken feels better soon! My son & I also have allergies. Aside from all the sprays and meds, we also use the Neilmed nasal bottle (similar to the Nettipot). Works like a charm everytime! Thanks for the cool Copic tip too!

Carolina said...

Oh I'm so sorry to read about know I so get his pain. I've been battling this horrible weather for the last two days and I can only imagine how his poor little lungs and nose must be. I hope they were able to get to the root of what his allergic to and get him on the way to the appropriate meds. Good thing is that usually onset kid allergies goes away when they become adults. Big hugs to Ken!!!

Lisa H. said...

very cool. and the colorless blender doesn't "hurt" the stamp? I guess you just clean it right away? looks neat. thanks for the tip.