Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day and a new MFD giveaway!

Are you wearing a bit o' green today?
I am! Actually, I had to make a quick run to Target to get a green T-shirt. The pretty shirt that I wore to CHA is missing. It has some green on it. Well, the leprechaun that visited us last night apparently hid my shirt somewhere and it is nowhere to be found!!
I am SO excited!! I get to actually participate in one of Ken's kindergarten "parties" this morning!! I'm one of the "room parents" and although I have been helping organize the activities this year, I have been unable to really participate in them... except for the Thanksgiving event. This is the first time I will be able to be in the actual classroom! Yippeeeee!

So my other room parent told me this morning that she was unable to find any green napkins for the party. I found some plain lime green napkins at Target and decided to stamp on them for the children. I don't own any leprechaun stamps or St. Patrick Day stamps.... so I decided to make 3 leaf clovers with my Hero Art heart stamps.







Not bad! It's simple but I think the children will get a kick out having a little clover on their napkins. I have little clover stickers to hand out too with clover cookies and juice. Yum!

Ready for this week's Monday's Fun Day, compliments of Memories Live On?


Just leave me a post here about your plans for Easter! Any crafty plans for Easter? Going anywhere for Spring break?



Mrs. Nancy G said...

Very clever Jane and cute too!

No plans for Easter yet. We'll be going to church and then probably to Grandma's house. Spring break... what's that?


carpediem said...

Easter seems so long off...but when I check the calendar, yikes! Dinner with the family and lots of chocolate bunnies are in store for me!

Anonymous said...

Cute idea Jane! I want this stamp now...thanks for the poem :)

Sharon said...

no plans at this time for Easter - hubby & I may go to the coast - Savannah, Charleston ???? Not sure yet. But, first I'll be making Easter cards for all our loved ones.


Teri said...

So creative! I love what you did with the napkins and heart stamp!! Easter...we always go to my sister's house and the kids used to do the egg hunt. Now that my son, who is the youngest) is 13 1/2...not sure if they will hunt eggs, he said if there is money in them, he will do it! ha! Hope you will be having some grand Easter plans!

Nikki said...

A whole week with the children... so lots of time to do fun stuff..

Hopefully blowing and painting eggs.. easter hunt and more..

If the weather stays nice.. a trip to our local river/park will be on the books too.. and even a trip to the science museum in London could be in the plans..

Love what you did with the napkins.. a great idea for birthday parties too.. and thankyou for the opportunity regarding the candy.. a generous offer..

Nikki x

Doramiyi said...

Very innovative, I love how the clover turned out. Thanks for the inspiration, now I have to add the hearts to my wish list.

doramiyi at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Great idea on the napkins.
Easter weekend will be spent with the grandkids in Escalon.

Joan Ottevanger said...

With Easter my 2 daughters are coming to oure home for lot of yummy food and choclate eggs and maybe there is a little time to craft all three of us.

AmyB said...

Speaking of crafty plans, I'm making an Easter Egg wreath. I had seen them at JoAnns, but I didn't want to spend the $$$. I wanted the pastel eggs, so I painted some plastic eggs, and made the speckles on them, and attaching them onto moss-covered grapevine wreath. I used my heat gun to dry the paint on the eggs quickly. ***Don't try this with the eggs sitting on a styrofoam plate - the heat gun put a hole in that plate in about 3 sec flat!*** LOL
Stumbled onto your blog by accident, just now - you have some great ideas! TFS and thanks for the RAK/blog candy!

Nicole said...

No current plans for Easter, but I have relatives coming in the week prior, so I'll probably just want some relaxing time alone by that point.

Craft-wise, I'd like to get some Happy Easter cards made and mailed out, but I'm not sure that there's any chance I'll get those done in time... why does spring always seem so busy?

ivy said...

plan to dye eggs w/ my 2 & 4 yr old this year. crossing my fingers that it won't be too messy!

Nikki said...

Plan on a quiet day with my hunny
And hopefully send cards off in time for easter :)
Nikki C.
Those Napkins what a great idea thanks

Anonymous said...

For Spring Break we plan to find a part of our state (SC) that we have not yet visited, to explore. We have found some really interesting places that way.


Joni M said...

What a great idea to use the hearts to make clovers! Your heart stamps are so pretty. Now I want some heart stamps!

My daughter is on Spring Break this week and my son is on Spring Break the week before Easter... so no travel plans for us. We spent Easter at the Beach last year. We don't have any plans yet this year.

Carolina said...

What a fun idea Jane to stamp on napkins! Love this green perfect for spring! Hope you have a nice weekend!

Carolina said...

Oh forgot to mention - sorry to hear about your computer...been there, done that and it just sucks!!!

Also Happy belated birthday to Ken!

Anonymous said...

No plans for Easter yet - too far away - I have to take it one day at a time lately! But, I will make some Easter cards for my swap and friends. After my comment, I will see if I can subscribe to your blog. I loved your stamping on the napkins.

Chris R. from Iowa

Anonymous said...

Hi I've not finalised plans for Easter yet, but hoping to have a big family picnic in the country on Easter Sunday, weather permitting! If not we'll have the local church hall as a fall back.
Have had a day off work today so been making some Easter cards
Dawn x x

Elaine said...

Hi Jane,
we will likely spend the first part of the day at home with the kids. My son and husband both have birthdays near easter and there's always so much going on. It's nice to stay back and not plan things when life is always racing....we will have my parents and maybe an aunt over for a ham and then my 'kids' (13 & 17) will talk about the stinky easter eggs in the fridge! lol