Monday, March 02, 2009

Basic Paper/Ink Info, a Basic Copic Blending tutorial, and Monday's Fun Day!

Before I get started with the blending, I wanted to quickly address paper and ink for Copic markers.

There are so many companies out there that has paper that work well with Copic markers that I can not say one is better than another. However, I can suggest a few to get you started and it's really up to you to test them out and see what works for you.

I know that most Copic users swear by the Neenah Classic Crest Solar White. It's Marianne's top pick. I need to get my hands on some, Mort! ;)

I have used Gina K's Pure Luxury 80lb cardstock and it is terrific!



Copic's Illustration Paper held up well during my paper test with light blending.
However, I found that it started to bleed outside the lines during my demonstration at the store as I laid down more colors and blended heavily. Needless to say, my notes from the Copics certification class says that Marianne does not recommend it. Good news is that Copics will be coming out soon with a prototype paper for Copics that is highly recommended by Marianne! Yay!




Another cardstock that I use often is Stampin' Up's Whisper White. It's what I have lying around so I use it the most often. I have said it before and I will say it again... not everyone agrees with me about the SU cardstock. It has a glossy finish that not everyone cares for. It goes against what is recommended for Copic markers, which is a "matte" finish on the cardstock.




Others enjoy using Walmart's Georgia Pacific and Papertrey's Stamper's Select White.

Anyone interested in sending me samples of GP or Papertrey cardstock so that I can do a paper test? :)

Whatever you do, avoid coloring on watercolor paper. It will have a beautiful effect in the end, but it will just suck your marker dry!! Trying to blend with watercolor paper is really hard. It took me 8 times with a blender pen before the ink started to even move around. Then there's some bleeding outside the lines once the area has soaked up ink because of the soft paper.



Just for fun, I played around with my copy paper from Staples.



Just remember that there may be no bleeding around the edges at this point but once I start "pushing" the color around with my colorless blender, the ink will start to seep out over the lines because of the quality of the paper. If you look at the sample above where I used the three different ink pads on the Staples copy paper, the colorless blender immediately starts to push at the base color... that's just after the first try!

Remember that the blending pen is not exactly a "blender" like the way we might think a traditional blending pen would work. These colorless blenders lightens and pushes colors and then fades to white.


Memento is my favorite. Quick drying and no heat setting required.

Some love Brilliance but you MUST heat set or heat emboss with this ink pad. Brilliance ink pads are really wet and it took me so long to clean my stamps. Aside from those two things, I have to admit that it leaves a beautiful and bold stamped image, rich in color.

I received a couple of emails from my readers voting for A Muse black dye ink pads. I have not tried them yet so as soon as I do, I will post about it.

A quick share before I get started on the blending:

I colored my hand-color chart with the colors that I own.


Here is a copy of the hand-color chart that you can download. Marianne suggests that you download onto paper that you use the most often so that you get the most accurate colors.

I received my hand-color chart from Marianne's blog, I Like Markers.

Let's blend!

Paper: SU

Ink: Memento (Tuxedo Black)

This blending technique is a simple, basic one.

Select two markers to work with... one is the base color and the other is for shading (slightly darker). Find the color you want for the base and go 2-3 digits higher with the last number.

Example: Y13 and Y15

Lay down your base color on your image. Work in small circles, coloring quickly to "wet" your area evenly. If using a Sketch or Ciao brush end, use the whole side of the brush to color instead of just the tip of the brush.


Getting streaks? Is your marker juicy or is it time for a refill? Is your scratch paper (underneath) clean and even? Are you working quickly or perhaps a bit too cautiously? The faster you work, the more wet your image will remain, making for a more even blending. Is your paper too thick? Thinner paper is better for more even blending.

* Keep in mind that learning to color with Copics (and other mediums) take time so take a deep breath and practice! Practice... play... experiment!

Notice the Sketch marker laid down at an angle in the upper left hand corner? That's my pretend "sunlight". It's going to remind me where the sunlight is coming from so that I can shade properly with my darker marker.


Then I go back over the image with the lighter marker, smoothing out the shading.


Tomorrow I will finish up this image with two blending techniques for the little flower that you can use...

Now for Monday's Fun Day!


Isn't that froggie the cutest?

Leave me a comment here! Let me know what you think of my Copic posts so far and how you are doing with your Copic markers. Is there anything about Copics that you want to see posted?

I will draw a name when I return from my bowling tournament in Oregon on Sunday.

Did I forget to mention my trip? I'm leaving tomorrow for several nights to go bowl in JANBA (Japanese American National Bowling Association) tournament. It's a week long tournament that takes place every year in a different city. This year, it's in Portland, OR. I'll be back online again on Sunday.

BTW, does anyone watch The Bachelor? I'm catching up on TIVO right now but OH MY GOSH! Is this really happening? Is he really going to break up with Melissa on the show and go for Molly after breaking her heart? I'm signing off to go watch the rest of the show. WOW.


Unknown said...

Love your copic posts. Great refresher on the class! It's always good to see how other stampers are finding ways to use copic best. =)

Elaine said...

WOW!! I am totally loving your information! Every bit of NEED to check out the A-Muse black ink also - it is fabulous, dries quick and is flawless as far as bleeding! I love it! And I hope you don't mind, but I shared your info about copics the other day, with a bulletin board called Gingerwood...they loved it! :), I liked him with Melissa much better and I think Ty liked her better too! LOL

Anonymous said...

i love your info of the copics. I noticed you used the original copics do you have them more than the sketch and the ciao. I bought a few(originals) just to try and i like it but not as much as i like the sketch. I wish i started with the sketch instead of starting with the ciao's. Live and learn. TFS..have a nice time bowling...Liann M.

Rachel Hope said...

I love these comparisons!!!! I use PTI and I love it...with Memento inks. If you email me I can send you a sample of PTI Select White.


Teresa Kline said...

thank you for all this info...a couple of things...

How do you store your copics, standing up or lying down?...I noticed in your picture you have them in a cup, I wouldn't think you would want to stand them up.

In the pictures you layed a marker in front of you to remind yourself of where the light source is coming from, I do not understand the light and shading.....unless the shade is really there I don't now how to judge the light or shadow.....this is very confusing to me. I am struggling with that when I color, I just shade anywhere. Does it really matter?

thanks for you help and I hope you did well in the tournament, I used to be a big bowler, my parents taught me when I was young. Hope your boys are well too! hugs *~*

CricketPE said...

I think your copic posts are GREAT! Thanks for all the info!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jane! You have been a busy girl. How do you keep up with such great and informative posts and be a teacher, mother and wife? Can you give me any pointers:) I love all the tutorials and agree about the practice, practice, practice. I love the step by step instructions and pictures, they are both very helpful. Thank you so much and good luck in the bowling tournament.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any copics, but I think your technique could be used with other pens. Thanks for the help.


Brenda said...

I am loving the copic posts. I am somewhat new to copics and right now I am a sponge soaking up all the info I can get my hands on. Thank you.

Lorie said...

Great post Jane! And, if you e-mail me your address I'll put some PTI card stock in the mail to you! :o)

Anthonette said...

Hi Jane,
I love your info and all the pictures! Thanks. I can mail you some of Wal-Mart's Georgia Pacific paper. I bought a ream of it a few months back. I didn't buy it because of Copics (I don't own any yet), but I noticed Charmaine ( it frequently. Email me you address. Thanks!

Shemaine Smith said...

I am loving your Copic posts tho I don't own any yet the techniques are awesome!!! Thnx so much for taking the time to post these :)

The Mama Monkey said...

Jane, I have both the GP and the PTI, if you still need them LMK. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nick Bantock Lamp Black ink by Ranger. I also have it in brown. No heat setting and it does not run..

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Have fun on your bowling trip!

I love your Copic posts! Your info is very helpful even for me which is Copic certified.


Annelies said...

I love your Copic posts! Unfortunately I don't have any yet, but I'm seriously considering buying some as my LSS has them in stock now. Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Anonymous said...

I'm learning from your Copic posts. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I am new to copic markers and I truly appreciate all your advise. I took an intro to copic class, but I feel like I had a one on one tutorial with your blog. Thank you! Denise

Nikki said...

Hi Jane..

Just found your blog and love the informative postings.. I need all the help I can get at the moment as only had my 36 set of copic pens a week..

I struggle on getting the shading right.. but getting there slowly..

Love the paper and ink post though.. I use brilliance ink and heat set it..

Thankyou for your great blog.. definately saving it to my faves..

Nikki x

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Shirley said...

Hi Jane, I was wondering what paper people who use Copics use and I googled Copic paper and got this blog and your post. Long story short, Neenah Classic Crest, Solar White, Super Smooth cardstock is the exact same thing as SU Whisper White. The difference is the price. You can buy a ream from Neenah and save a ton. Just thought you should know. Someone has probably already told you this by now. :-)

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, I love your art and turtorials too! I use H2O's and the same paper too.