Monday, February 16, 2009

A Rainy Day MFD!

Monday Monday, so good to me,
Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be.


I like that song.

How was your Monday?

Mine was rainy but full of laughter.
I hung out with a few good friends sharing some fun stamping ideas.
Here are some pictures I took while we hung out at Michelle's home.
** Thanks Michelle! I had a terrific time, as always! **

Jasper is ready to stamp!



Baby Jackson sound asleep in Mommy's arms.

Jackson all cuddled up in Auntie Michelle's arms.

I have pictures of swaps and such but since I don't have a watermark, I thought it wouldn't be fair to put up pictures of other crafter's works on here without protecting them. I decided that I am going to send the card that I swapped into SU so wish me luck! :)

However, I do have a rainy day Monday's Fun Day, courtesy of Memories Live On!

This is a fun read! You'll laugh out loud!

"Snippets: Mostly True Tales from the Lighter Side of Scrapbooking."

Here I am with Lain Ehmann who graciously came to Memories Live On in December without books for a book signing.


You can have a chance to get this book just by leaving me a comment here.
Tell me if you are into scrapbooking and if you are... what are you working on?
I'm working on my boys' first years. :) I'm really behind. LOL!

Have a terrific evening!



Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm totally into Scrapbooking. I jump around and my projects are all centered around my son. I scrapbook the "now" events and then try to go back and get the "then" events. I'm behind too. I'm now working on a mini tag album. I thought it was a cute idea.

The Mama Monkey said...

Oh my friend, a good scrapbooker is NEVER caught up! LOL

I do 4 family and one for each of the kids. I also guess I have a military album for DH and the kids school stuff...but those are kind of special projects so I guess they do not really "count"! LOL

I am currently cropping pics from 2 years ago. I better go now...I am spending too much time playing on the computer and not enough on the books! :)

Michelle said...

I have an album going for each of my children. It's an ongoing project for me since I'm always so distracted! I wish, sometimes I could see creating mini albums but, would rather have the pictures in their big albums! I'm also starting one for "me"! I thought it would be a good way to pass on info about "Mom"!

carpediem said...

I love to scrapbook, mainly mini albums because I'm not so patient and want to see my projects completed asap! I'm working on wedding album for my niece right now. Thanks for offering the blog candy!

Anonymous said...

I love to scrapbook. Currently I am working on my son's album. I finished two pages, and one I am stuck on. He is 3 years old!

THank you for such a great blog candy.


Heidi G said...

I enjoy scrapbooking and am currently working on my youngest son's album to complete for his college graduation in May. I am up to his 10th grade in high school so I better get going!!! Thanks for offering your book as a prize.

Michelle VanWiggeren said...

Hi Jane,
Fun pictures from yesterday! I'm with you on scrapbooking -- need to work on my boys' albums from pretty much first year onward. Always seem to find cards, mini albums, etc... that need my attention first! :)


CricketPE said...

That book looks so fun! I recently started scrapbooking and am working on a trip my husband and I took to Hawaii 2 years ago. However, I think I want to do digital scrapbooking and I just ordered the Creative Memories software last night, so I can't wait for it to get here!!!

Teri said...

I love both cardmaking and scrapbooking. I started off with scrapbooking and have made 14 of them for my son who is going on 14. I am still way behind though. My latest SBing adventure was yesterday. I made a baby first year book in one afternoon! whoo hoo! I've never seen that book before, looks interesting! aloha! Teri

Christine said...

I LOVE scrapbooking...well I love shopping for scrapbooking anyway!!!
Right now I am trying to get started on our Disney pic's from 07. I have 1300 pictures so I am using the photo/scrap page combo to help me out!

Anonymous said...

I love Lain! I just finished her book last night, and laughed the entire time!!! :) Thanks for all the great inspiration!

Rach & Sarah said...

Hi Chica,

I should have beenthere with you guys! Thanks for posting & calling! I am currently getting ready for a stamp camp & planning a kids scrapbooking class for my girls school. OMG It's you & Lain! I looooovvvvveeeeee her!!!!

DeniseB said...

I'm more of a cardmaker/stamper, but I find that I love checking out the scrapbook stores for things we all have in common, like using embellishments, ribbons, printed papers, etc. There is such a wide variety, enough to go around for all of us.

Jana Weaver said...

That was a fun day! LOVE that photo of Jack wtih Michelle...may need you to email me the original!! See you soon!!!