Monday, September 08, 2008

All About A Boy named Keiji...

My 3 year old started preschool last week in my classroom.

I just wanted to share some pictures of his first day with you.

Standing proudly in front of school sign!

Cutting and pasting...

There's no stopping this preschooler!

Legos, blocks, now puzzles... oh my!

Home at last! What's this? A card from Giulia?

What a day!!

Thanks for enjoying Keiji's first day in preschool with me!



Lorie said...

Oh, how cute is he! What a fun day it was! :o)

~amy~ said...

What a Cutie Pie!!!

Patty Williams said...

Aww...what a sweetie pie! The first exciting and yet, so scary at the same time! Looks like he did great!

gillyflower said...

wow what a busy little bee
he looks as if he is having a great time just as it should be
he is such a cute little kid i could eat him up what a lovely smile
i bet you are really proud of him

Joni M said...

Keiji is just the cutest little guy ever! I'm so glad he's loving preschool!

Jamie Martin said...

He's super cute, looks like he had a good time!

StinkerbellSteph said...

Love that little cutie patootie!!

Sierra Grannie said...

How cute!
Bev SBS11