Sunday, July 20, 2008

Monday's Fun Day! Tag! You're it!

If you are reading this, you have been tagged!


Seriously. I would love to know more about you!
BTW, this tag has been forwarded by a very creative gal, Donna. You can visit her over on her crafty blog, Serenity in Stamping. She was tagged by her very crafty pals, Marilyn and Valita. Can you see why my blogroll list is constantly growing down below? lol!

So here's Monday's Fun Day give-away...

ONE OF A KIND - unmounted

(no wood... what you see is what you get)


A winner will be chosen Friday night

What you need to do to qualify for a chance to win...

You need to list 7 random / weird facts about YOU.
Then tag a few more people. Since I am twisting this a bit, I will let you send some of your friends this way to join in on the fun. Just link this give-away on your blog (or email your friends if you don't have a blog) and "tag" a few friends. Have them do the same. Just be sure to post your link to your blog here with your post of your 7 random / weird facts.


1. Link your blog post here with your answers and tag a few more people.
2. Post your answers here (with brief answers) and then go invite a few friends to do the same.

7 random / weird facts about me...

1. I can not stand it when my husband takes his foot away from the gas/brake pedals. I think he likes to drive on cruise control and just sets his foot back to relax. It's something I noticed yesterday on our drive up to SF and it totally freaked me out. Wierd, eh?

2. Not a weird fact, but a bit unusual for me because I really do love Mia...

Today, I just might kill my cat (or at least give her away) for ruining my packs of new In-Color card stock. Yes. THE brand new In-Color packs of card stock for the new catalog coming out next month. Ruined. All of them. I had a small vase of hydrangeas that my mother had cut from her garden for me to take home from SF. Mia had jumped up on my craft table in the middle of the night and knocked the vase over and the water had sat there. My packs of card stock soaked up the water. Nope... sealed card stock is not water proof.

So if there is no cat when you come home, Kevin...

3. I don't like my food to touch.

4. I don't like going faster than I can run, unless I am driving. For example, I HATE roller coasters. The one (and only) time I have ever ridden a roller coaster, I was SO scared that I braced myself against the side of the ride really hard and bruised my arm and ribcage. They were black and blue for weeks. This was on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on the Giant Dipper. Here... take the
virtual ride for yourself! It's enough to make me wanna throw up. Stop laughing at me! I know. I'm a wimp.

5. I have three pairs of shoes. A pair of white tennis shoes (which I just replaced recently), a pair of black sandals (bought in Hawaii three years ago), and a pair of black heels (I forget when I bought them). OH! I forgot about my bowling shoes!

6. I live in San Jose, CA but have never been to the
Winchester Mystery House, which is just about 8 minutes away from my home! I can't say I have really been to Paramount's Great America either... maybe once way back when I was much younger?

7. I have been rubber stamping and crafting for a little over 2 years now. I started because of post partum depression. It has been great therapy!

Now it's your turn!

Have a terrific week!


Donna Baker said...

thanks for playing! wow, I know how you feel about the cat thing (one time Chica pooped under my desk ON my laptop power cord! I wanted to ring her neck! I can't count how many times I rode the big dipper at Santa Cruz OR went to Great America - I am a thrill seeker (can you tell from my tag?) and LOVE roller coasters! sorry they're not fun for you! There's only certain food I don't mind touches and I never went to the Winchester Mystery house when I lived there either *(and it was 26 years before I left!)* I always thought I'd live there forever. oh well. good getting to know you better!

Anonymous said...

1. I started a soccer league in my town that I moved to 5 years ago.
2. I love cats - I have 4.
3. I have 2 sisters & 4 brothers, 5 nieces & 6 nephews, of those nieces & nephews they've had 3 girls & 3 boys to make me a great Auntie--but I'm no where close to being a grandma (at least 9 years.
4. I love the smell of skunk. Not right away; after it's settled in the air and it's more of a sweet smell.
5. I have insomnia
6. I love watching movies (most days I watch 2)
7. I have a pretty lame blog, but I have no idea what "link" means, so I'll email some of my stamping friends.

Thanks for the chance.


Theresa Momber said...

OMGosh, I had the best time reading your facts. I feel the same way about my husband using cruise control and food touching.

Let's see, a few facts about myself.
I got my first stamp set this past December. It was the beginning of an addiction.

Gravity is having a serious impact on me as I age. I am getting shorter and broader.

I hate dry, peeling feet, so I wear socks all year.

I am a chocolate snob.Can't stand Hersheys and the like.

Eating mints makes me sneeze.

My daughter is jealous of my dog because she says I spoil the dog more than I do her. (not true)

I have been married 21 years.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,
Sorry about Mia/Paper..since I don't have a blog I'll send a few emails out but here's some random things:
1) My family used to raise rabbits when I was young
2) I grew up in this "little city near San Jose (where?)" that no one ever heard of called Cupertino...who would have thought its world known now.
3) My son wants a bird but having had two when I was young I will never own one...can't stand the pooping, biting everything, etc.
4) I helped produce a Superbowl commercial for my last company (we did many but I was involved in producing the first and approving the 3rd one)
5) I prefer listeing to country music
6) a lifelong goal has always been to adopt and I don't rule it out yet
7) I plan my next big vacation to be in South America (we just got back from Alaska)