Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A special birthday package from Alaska!

My dear friend, Jan, lives in Alaska and we have been online friends since I used to hang out over at the PaperCrafts a couple of years ago. One of the first emails I have kept from her is from February of 2006! lol! You can see more of her beautiful artwork at Far North Designs.

As always, Jan remembered to include treats for my boys!

Jan named the beautiful pin on this card "Summertime" (yes, I have been reading your blog!) Grungeboard was used here - and she included a sample of grungeboard much like what she played with onboard during her Cruise with Tim Holtz.

AH! You know me well, my friend! These flowers will be cherished and used preciously!

Remember those Ed Emberley FunPrint (Fingerprint and Thumbprint) drawing books? Jan sent the boys one and WOW! was it a hit!

Ken gives it a BIG thumbs up!

Thank you, Jan!
I will make it over to you one of these birthdays!

love and hugs,


Far North said...

Oh Ken, I hope Mom finds you an ink pad one of these days soon! Enjoy and let Mom play too!!

Carolina said...

Gotta love happy mail and Ken's pics are just adorable!!!

Carla said...

Great friend, great haul, and adorable boy!!