Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Going Green! Celebrating Earth Day

I thought I would celebrate Earth Day in my own way by posting a few of my favorite green products that I love to use. Then you can share some with me!

Re-useable bags:

So I always knew that plastic bags were not good for the environment but it didn't dawn on me that paper bags were equally bad for our Earth, since they take our trees away. Well, DUH! So I have been doing some research. I found this website and will be ordering some bags from them, especially with my oldest starting elementary school in the Fall and will be needing a lunch bag eventually. Ken thinks these are the greatest! Built NY Munchlers. I was checking these Pack-N-Tote Grocery Cart Helper bags.

I will be going to the grocery store tomorrow and buying several totes for a few dollars each. I will keep a couple in my trunk at all times and rotate them so that I will never be without! Thanks, Theresa! I think Target has some bags as well. Trader Joe's too.

Bath / Body Products
Serendipity Bath Co.
Ashley and Tiffani make the most heavenly bath soaps, sugar scrubs, and whipped shea butter! 100% natural Simply Soap line is made from all vegan ingredients. Wild Child line is phthalates, parabens, laryl sulfates free.

My favorites?
Whoopsie Daisy! - I don't see it online any more! :(
"Gimme Some Sugar!" Body Scrub
"Body Bling" Whipped Shea Butter

Burt's Bee Products are paraben and sodium laurel sulfate free.
My favorites are:
Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil
Orange Essence Facial Cleanser
Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme
Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion

Soy Candles:
I know this very talented girl through bowling in local Japanese bowling tournaments over the years. I just love her soy candles. They are fragrant and last a long time! I received one at a bridal shower and had to hunt her down at one of the local boutique shows for more. Check out what else she has to offer! R M Creations

Getting rid of plastic water bottles!
I think it's time to get a filter for our faucet.

If you are not into buying organic fruits and veggies, I have found a fruit & veggie wash that is quick and easy to make.

1 cup water
1 cup distilled white vinegar
1 Tbsp baking soda
about 20 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract

I saw this on Oprah today. Be forewarned that when adding the baking soda, it will rise quickly so prepare this in a large bowl! lol! After adding the drops of GSE, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and you are good to go. Spray onto your produce and leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse off. Quite a bit of pesticides and such will be taken off with this wash.

Now send me some of your favorite GREEN products and ideas!


Theresa Momber said...

I just bought some of the tote bags they have at the grocery store. Now I need to get in the habit of taking them. I forget about half the time.

We need to replace our water heater and will be switching to an on demand system when we do.

Carolina said...

This is cool Jane - thanks for all the links and info - you rock!

StinkerbellSteph said...

Great info! Thanks for giving detailed ideas. So often I hear..."do better" but, you've made it so I have no excuse not to. As usual, you're a great inspiration!

Carla said...

Thanks for these sites, Jane! I guess the place I am the greenest is with gardening. Instead of using insecticides, I have guinea hens. They eat just as many bugs as an insecticide would kill, plus I love them!

Anonymous said...

All very cool! Thanks for sharing.

xoxox Amy