Friday, January 25, 2008

I've been tagged.... again!

I was tagged by Laura A Life and Art in Progress.

1. I have a new hairdo! Woo hoo! I took the boys in for a much needed haircut this morning and as I was waiting for them to get done, I asked if they would cut my hair. I let her have her way with my hair. What do you think?
2. I donate my hair to Locks of Love. It will have to wait another year, but at least they will be getting freshly cut hair this time! I will take better care of it this round.
BTW, that's baby powder floating around the camera in the first picture. Ken took the picture after he had doused himself in baby powder. LOL!
3. I like to multi-task and run a very tight deadline when it comes to getting things done.
4. I don't like pizza but am surrounded by pizza lovers. My boys will eat pizza morning, noon, and night if they could. Blah!
5. I have 3 pairs of shoes that I wear regularly. My tennis shoes, my boots, and my wooly slip ons. Very sad.
6. I learned to drive in 1997 and totaled my first and only car in 2006. It was paid in full off the lot too! Bummer. I was entering an intersection when someone made an unprotected left turn just as I crossed the crosswalk. I tried to swerve to my left to avoid him but still ended up hitting him somewhere between his passenger and rear passenger door. It was like hitting a brick wall. I was lucky my boys were unhurt. I ended up having to have a root canal from the punch of the airbag. Xrays now show extensive trauma to my neck and spine which chiropractic therapy will eventually help straighten out. I'm just grateful we were able to walk away from the accident and even more grateful for the help and the support we received on that corner.
7. I love to bowl and my highest game so far is a 289. I had 10 strikes in a row and the 11th ball was the best of them all... left a ten pin up, which I managed to knock down with everyone staring at me during the tournament. That was so cool! My husband, Kevin, has a perfect 300 game! He bowled that during a tournament too. :)

I tag:
Amy - Familia Bencomo
Lisa - so-muchlove

Thinking of you, Bean!
Sending all our love to the Davey Family.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new do! Very sassy!!!

Lorie said...

I love your hair! I would probably take me 10 years (no exaggeration here) to grow my hair long enough for locks of love. It is very cool that you do that!

Anonymous said...

very cute new hairdo... i am waiting to cut mine too... dunno what i'm gonna do!! we'll just have to wait and see!! LOVE IT!!

Julie said...

OMG! Look at your cute new do!