Monday, January 22, 2007

Hoppy For You!

I am happy to say that the latest round of migraines has started to show signs of letting up. Bowling was difficult. We had the San Francisco tournament this past weekend. I bowled a 227, 212, and 200 for my high games. Surprisingly, only the 200 game managed to hold for second place during that squad. I got beat out of the other games. I loved bowling at Serra Bowl, but the constant pounding in my head and having to constantly reach for my inhaler was a stinker. Need to make a run to the doctor's office tomorrow to find out if I am having asthma attacks or if it's something worse.

Anyways, I managed to crank out a card for a card challenge I posted on 2SCD.

Hoppy For You:

Colors used: Brocade Blue, Old Olive, and More Mustard.

Background stamps: Paisley and Linen

Stamp sets: Very Punny (SAB) and Hearfelt Thanks

Orders have started to come in for SAB. The Stamp Camp is set for Saturday, Feb. 3rd.

It's gonna be fun!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i hate migraines...

beautiful card that you did for the all of them...

amber daNeLL said...

awesome card, girl! migraines are the pits. but you sound like a great bowler! awesome scores! I don't think I could bowl but a 100.

Aimeslee Winans said...

Oh, Jane, I hope you have gotten some relief! Migraines are bummers! But, on the bowling, you GO! Those are good scores! I was on my college bowling team and my average was only 221, so you are dang good!

Lovelovelove looking at your card work. I'm going to try and make some for your challenges before Wednesday. *hugs*